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  • Dairy Intelligent Podcast – January 11, 2023

    Dr. Paul Fricke of the University of Wisconsin, Madison joined the Dairy Intelligent podcast to discuss the timely topic of utilizing sexed semen in dairy herds. We dive into the history of sexed semen, its effect on a booming heifer population, technologies and tools available to help with reproduction rates and more. Additionally, Dr. Fricke […]

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  • Progressive Dairy’s Top 25 Articles of 2022

    Our Progressive Dairy writeup on our research paper entitled: Comparison of reproductive management programs for submission of Holstein heifers for first insemination with conventional or sexed semen based on expression of estrus, pregnancy outcomes, and cost per pregnancy. J. Dairy Sci. 104:12953–12967. was listed as #14 in Progressive Dairy’s Top 25 Articles of 2022. Check […]

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  • The Randomness of Reproduction

    Most dairy farms today collect data by which they attempt to make informed decisions about how to manage their herds. The problem is there are many types of data, and a good manager must understand the nature and limitations of the data being monitored to make informed decisions. Check out my latest article on The […]

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