Visiting Scientists

Alessandro Ricci, Ph.D., April to December, 2013
Alessandro was a visiting scientist from the School of Veterinary Medicine in Turin, Italy
Research Project: Alessandro worked on two experiments: 1) evaluation of luteal dynamics and progesterone profiles in dairy cows after first timed AI; and 2) accuracy of pregnancy outcomes in dairy cows during the first trimester of gestation based on pregnancy-associated glycoproteins in milk and blood.

Mohamed J. Al-Hassan, Ph.D., August, 2006 to June 2007.
Mohamed was a visiting scientist from the Department of Animal Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Research Project: A collaborative multi-state project to assess the use of CIDR inserts to improve fertility in dairy cows. Results showed that including CIDR inserts within a Presynch Ovsynch protocol combined with detection of estrus for first AI improved fertility by 5 percentage points for both cycling and anovular dairy cows, but primarily improved fertility for cows initiating the protocol in the absence of a CL.

Hysen Bytyqi, Ph.D., October to December, 2011.
Hysen was an Associate Professor of Animal Science at the University of Pristina in Kosovo who spent three months in my laboratory on a Borlaug Fellowship Program, USDA Foreign Agriculture Service.